Mazdoor Maha-Panchayat and rally at Greater Noida on 11th April;08 at 10 am

NFWR (National Forum for Workers Rights- a central Trade Union of un organized workers)  has been working with un organized workers in seven states. The district unit of Gautam budh Nagar of Uttar Pradesh has been observing the fact that in Greater Noida, there are lacs of laborers engaged in construction sites; rickshaw pulling, vegetable vending, domestic help etc. they have migrated from various states either through contractors or on their own. They earn less than the minimum wages decided by the Government, and are exploited by their employers. Police atrocities are now a part of their day-to-day lives.


Greater Noida Authority has not provided any space or suitable accommodation for these people to have a decent stay. But according to Inter-State Workmen Act 1979 of Government of India, there should be “provision of residential accommodation, medical facilities, protective clothing, payment of wages, equal pay for equal work irrespective of sex”, etc. Presently they build jhuggies (small hutments) of roughly 6’x5’ size made of rug-sacks or emptied plastic cement bags in the land which has been allotted by the Authority to the private parties, and, the entire family, which normally has a minimum of 5 members, stays in that hut. Many workers stay in temporary hutments provided by the construction companies without proper sanitation, or other basic amenities like fresh water, electricity, etc. The entire arrangement is thus very rudimentary rather inhuman, and is in clear violation of all the national laws/international covenants to which India is a signatory.


 At the same time Article 21 of our constitution assures the right to live with human dignity free from exploitation.


In this context, keeping in view of the rights of the workers in connection with the international human rights treaties ratified by Indian Government, NFWR demand the followings:

·         Greater Noida authority should immediately provide/ ensure to allocate suitable residential accommodation with all basic amenities such as sanitation, safe drinking water, electricity etc for these workers free of cost. This allocation should be mentioned in the master plan.

·         The authority should run Government primary and middle schools in Greater Noida considering the fact that education becomes the fundamental right.

·         The authority should provide Government run health facilities in Greater Noida.

·         The district administration should provide BPL cards to all workers as they live in below poverty line.

In this context, NFWR announces to organize a mass meeting and rally to demand basic human rights from the authority on 11th April;08 at 10 am at Pari Chawk. In this connection, NCWR is organizing a press conference on 9th April; at JHIMMY’s- Gama Market(jagat farm), Greater Noida,at 3 pm.On behalf of the union, I invite you to attend the press conference.


With revolutionary regards

Subhasis Chakrabarti

General Secretary

NFWR – C-502; Sector-P3, Greater Noida