The Directors/Management

Eldeco infrastructure and properties Ltd.,


New Delhi


Dear Sir,


With utmost regret, we the residents of Eldeco Green Meadows hereby strongly protest for the unsafe building construction and post possession maintenance and treatment meted out to its’ residents.The issues arising post possession are various but many issues as per enclosed annexures to this letter ,which  require your immediate attention and rectification of deficiencies plaguing this society.

     Needless to say, all the residents are very disappointed with your services and  attitude and are very angry and frustrated .We hereby warn you through this letter that if immediate corrective action by the management is not taken, we will be compelled to  report this matter to  law enforcing agencies and  jointly file a case against you in the consumer court and seek refund of our money and compensation for causing deep anxiety, harassment ,physical and mental torture.

    We are  contemplating stopping payment of maintenance cheques if required.

We hereby give you 72 hrs notice to take immediate corrective action and  urge you to take a good note of our grievances and improve your services and deliver the goods for which payment has already been made to you.


Please note that residents will make representation in your Head office, Jasola,New Delhi on 23rd April’09 at 1600hrs(04:00PM) regarding the serious problems being faced by residents.



Thanking you,

Yours truly,





Eldeco Green Meadows Residents


CC : Eldeco Site office, Eldeco green meadows, Greater Noida


Attached: Annexure 1.


                                                         ANNEXURE 1


  1. Rs. 56000/- per apartment power backup has been charged but Generator installed is of low capacity/insufficient numbers and cannot cope up with  even 1/4th  of  peak load .

As a result of above deficiency, Residents including old people and children not only face long hrs of power cuts but get stuck inside the lifts with no help forthcoming. Pls note the residential complex have 16th floor high rise buildings with virtually no powerbackups for lifts !!! in the present scenario.


2.  Rs. 25000/- paid for Piped gas supply and EPABX(intercom) but still residents are feeling harassed  and  inconvenienced due to dependence on cylinder gas supply and intercom unavailability even after two years of possession.


  1. Inspite of Eldeco selling the whole project by showcasing Eldeco country club in the front of complex , the club is neither complete nor has any  access to the residents.


  1. The Maintenance department of Eldeco is highly inefficient and unresponsive to  residents complaints.



  1. The security services are extremely deficient in trained and adequate manpower. This has resulted in two major thefts and many minor thefts within the past few months causing deep anxiety, fear and disappointment to the residents.The security setup and CCTV arrangement has not been provided as was promised by Eldeco and printed in their brochure.



  1. The external superstructure is poorly constructed with unitiles keep falling on the residents on its own especially making small children very vulnerable to serious injuries.( We may have to start walking with helmets when entering buildings )!!!.Several written notices has been given in this regard. The staircase railings have huge gaps between them and thus posing great danger to small children to fall from heights.There are many other safety flaws in the construction of EGM complex amounting to criminal negligence on part of Eldeco(EIPL).


7.      There  has been major design and services alteration done by Eldeco in the construction of complex prior as well as after possession of apartments without the written or verbal consent of residents which were notified to Eldeco in various meetings.

8.   The possession of aprtments has been delayed by 1-2 years by Eldeco due to non complection of external construction as well as internal for which no compensation has been paid to the residents despite giving several notices.


9.       The flaws and deficiencies pointed out in each individual flat and notified .  Eldeco have still not rectified and residents are forced to live in below 

      standard and unsafe conditions inspite of paying huge sums of money to Eldeco