Greater Noida's Ishan Institute celebrated its glorious 15th foundation day.

Ishan Institute of Management & Technology, Greater Noida celebrated its 15th Foundation Day on 11th August, 2009 in the Institute Campus at Greater Noida. This Institute was founded 15 years ago, with 30 students and three faculty members which has now increased to about 750 students and 50 faculty members. There were only 2 class rooms to start with, which has increased to 45class rooms. From 33 rooms in the hostel, it has increased to 400 hostel rooms. 


  •       Function opened with the inaugural speech by the honorable chairman Dr. D. K. Garg who emphasized on awarding quality education garnered with values. The function was presided by the guest of honour H.E.. Francisco L. Benedicto, Ambassador to Philippines, H.E M. Choonee, High Commissioner to Mauritius, Mr. Surendar Singh Nagar, Hon’ble M.P. of Gautam Buddha Nagar and Mr. P.A. Inamdar eminent educationist and social worker and Mr. Anil Agarwal, C.A. Mr. Kamal Farooqui (President of Minority  Commission). Along with these dignitaries Engineer O.P. Agarwal, the founding pillar of Ishan was also present at the auspicious occasion. 


Shri Surendra Singh Nagar, M.P. being honoured.....



A Trophy with Cash Prize of Rs. 31,000/- being   given to the Sh. P.A. Inamdar, President, P.A. Inamdar Society for his exemplary contribution for development of Professional Education in India.


In the category of special awards three awards worth Rs 31000/- were conferred on three dignitaries from three different fields.  
1. Arvind Chaturvedi (Special Correspondent, India TV) Mr.Chaturvedi was awarded for his outstanding work in media.

2. Mr.P.A. Inamdar (Eminent Educationists and social worker) Mr.Inamdar was awarded for his eminent and distinguished work in the field of Education and social work.

3. Mr.Rakesh Agarwal was awarded for his excellent work to bring awareness among masses about RTI. 

Honorable M.P. of Gautam Buddha Nagar was honored by H.E. Francisco L. Benedicto  & H.E. M. Choonee as Dynamic Member of Parliament 

In the line of Honour following dignitaries were honored:

    Mr.R.K.Govind (CA)

    Ms.Mamta Goel (CA)

    Mr.Aditya (HR Professional)

    Mr.Kapil Goel (CA)

    Mr.Vijay Kumar

    Mr.V.K. Pandit (Syndicate Bank) 

Honorable M.P. of Gautam Buddha Nagar shared his words of wisdom and appreciated Ishan as oldest Institute of Greater Noida and envisioned that Ishan is going to represent Greater Noida with marvelous future. Mr.Nagar intended to develop Greater Noida as an educational hub not only in terms of infrastructure but in terms of quality and value base education. After MP’s speech there was Playing of National Anthem of three Nations Viz. India Philippines and Mauritius which exemplified universal brotherhood. 

Mr.P.A.Inamdar (Eminent Educationist & Social worker) focused on Management education and discussed about the bottlenecks created by government while opening

Institutes. He also focused on quality education with cultural values. Mr. Inamdar emphasized on education for all. 

Mr.Kamal Farooqui (President of minority  commission )also gave his words of wisdom to motivate students. 

H. E. Francisco L. Benedicto in his excellent speech said that India is a growing nation and he motivated students to study hard and make their Parents & country proud. He extended his warm cooperation to India & Ishanians and at the end he said ‘Namaste India’. 

H. E.  M. Choonee’s  speech was really motivational and full of courage and heroism. He said that he want to see student as future leaders in their respective fields. He appreciated Dr.Garg for his incredible work of excellence and focused on living for future and not for the past. 



Shri Aditya Ghildyal HR New Holland Tractors Greater Noida being presented Ishan Excellence Award ...



Rajesh Gautam , Photo Journalist of Dainik Jagran Greater Noida being presented Ishan Excellence Award....


The list of student’s who have been awarded is as follows:-

    Kirti Kaura (B.M.Topper)

    Pooja Agarwal (Marketing)

    Zerfeen Fatima Usmani (Finance)

    Supriya Rai (HR)

    Zahra Ali Shams (Retail) 
    Vandana Singh (IB)

Prizes in the category of best summer training project was given to

    Ramesh Kumar Kashyap.

Prizes in the category of Marketing Research was given to

  1. Garima Singh
  2. Deepika shukla
  3. Deopriya Dutta

Scholarship worth Rs.6000/- was awarded to the following student

  1. Susmit Jaiswal
  2. Amit gupta
  3. Milind Kumar
  4. Subodh Kumar
  5. Ajay Bhan Kumar



Bihu Dnace of Assam....being presented by the students..


August Gaterning on 11th August..... 30 Students will be sent on foreign trip at Institute’s Cost.