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    Cremation Ground (Moksha Dham)


    Owned and developed by Greater Noida Authority..


    Managed by Shri Ramleela committee 9811082798



    Location :  Safipur  Village, Greater Noida

    Gangaram Pandit 9957634553. Shav vahan driver Sanjeev Sharma 9958253677.

    Firewood  services by Rajesh….9971927975



    Drive from the  left side of Parichowk towards Hindon river …on Noida Expressway…and take… first left turn just after crossing Hindon river bridge….Travel downside on the road …through farmland….and again take left turn..You will find there 7-8 white sheds…

    1.  The only shavdah grah in Greater Noida with fixed costs and charges without any variable or discriminatory/premium rates of facilities.

    2.  Covered platforms for cremation purposes.

    3.  Covered platform for performance of last rites and 'Holy Dip'.

    4.  The only shavdah grah in India where all material goods like extra bed sheets, saris, clothes, shawls and a variety of garments donated by the bereaved are first proposed to be taken over by Sammittee  ' recorded and then proposed to be distributed to the poor, leprosy affected people and or other terminally ill or suffering, on a quarterly basis.  Please give your feedback at

    5. Issuance of the 'Death Certificate' : On the basis of the  Cremation Certificate, issued by the Shri Ram Leela Committee , death certificate is issued by the Jan Suvidha Kedra at Collectorate.

    6.  Works proposed to be done..


    · Statue of 'Shri Bhole Shankar's established.

    ·  Filtered drinking water:

    ·  Sufficient seating arrangements - chairs, benches etc.

    ·  Meditation Hut.

    ·  Free cremation services for the needy.

    ·  Firewood and services of a priest.

    ·  Lust velvet green lawns, flowering plants, manicured flower beds serve to soothe the devastation experienced by the passing away of a near and dear one.

    ·  A lotus pond amidst a manicured garden.

    Appeal - If you are the blessed one, you are requested to donate liberally to Moksha Dham.. ,so that more and more needy persons can be helped. For details see Contact page.


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