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    Mr. Ram Gopal Varma’s visit to I.T.S – Institute of Management


    Mr. Ram Gopal Varma visited I.T.S – Institute of Management, Greater Noida on 26th Feb 2013 to promote his upcoming film “Attacks on 26/11” and interacted with the faculty members and students on the contemporary issue of Terrorism.  Present on this occasion were the Vice Chairman of I.T.S – The Education Group Shri Arpit Chadha, Secretary of I.T.S – The Education Group Shri Bhushan Arora, Director General of I.T.S – The Education Group Prof. Shekhar Ghose, and Director of I.T.S Engineering College Dr. Vinit Kansal. The program started with the welcome address by Prof. Farhat Mohsin where she thanked Mr. Ram Gopal Varma for taking time out to interact with the students and faculty members of I.T.S – The Education Group. Mr. Varma was formally presented with a bunch of flowers.





    Ram Gopal Varma promoted Film "Attacks on 26/11" - at ITS Institute of Management , Greater Noida






    The 15 minutes of the movie were shown to the students by Mr. Varma to give them a feel of the issue being focused in the film. Students and all present then interacted with Mr. Varma. He said the inspiration to show the movie were the sequence of small events that unfolded on 26/11 and the sheer audacity of a bunch of terrorists. For example he said that the telephone lines and the hotline at the residence of joint commissioner of police were busy the entire evening. He said that his film shows the mindset of the terrorists, who on the basis of their conviction and belief become live machine guns of which the trigger is with someone else. He said that the censor board has accepted and allowed the movie without any objection. Mr. Varma mentioned that the movie focuses on the barbarous and heinous acts committed by the terrorists on 26th Nov 2008 and does not deal with the background, origin and history of the terrorists and the movie in no way sympathizes with them on account of their past life of deprivation and suffering. He said that a lot of children in this world suffer and live a life of deprivation but they do not become terrorists





    He was asked that out of direction, story writing and production, what he prefers most. He said that he like direction and story writing as it involves art and creativity. He said that by the end on 2013 his movie Sarkar – 3, part of Sarkar trilogy, is slated to be released. Replying to a question on how to tackle terrorism, he said that he does not have the answer but mentioned that everyone has to plays his/her part on being alert to such situations and his movie also does not offer a solution to the problem but focuses on the ghastly attacks on 26/11, subsequent events and the way in which the entire machinery was working non-stop to minimize the casualties. He said the reasons for USA’s relative success in controlling the terrorism menace are less porous international borders, only two neighbors who are having good relations with the US and do not have terrorism as a problem, better leverage of Information technology to fight terrorism and a well managed population without much problems of  chaos.





    On the question of Ajmal Kasab he said that he has not dwelled into his past but focused on how a young boy gets motivated to put his life at stake to commit multiple crimes without any remorse. He also mentioned that the toughest part for him was to shoot the sequence involving Taj Hotel as getting permission was difficult for an extended period. Also, he said that shooting at Chatrapati Shivaji Terminas was difficult as the permission took a lot of time. He mentions that he started shooting for the movie after collecting all the facts after the submission of the report of Pradhan Enquiry Commision.  At the end, professor Farhat Mohsin thanked Mr. Ram Gopal Varma, wished him luck for the success of his movie and requested the Vice – Chairman Shri Arpit Chadha to give away a Momento as a token of appreciation




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