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Career Adviser



Q: How do I set my goals with  a practical approach in achieving them?

A: We all have had experiences setting goals like the New Year resolutions – unfortunately the goals have not been achieved thus we all grow skeptical of our goals. The solution lies in setting realistic goals – see below are some strategies which have worked for me and my team members. The original article is from Readers Digest – which I duly acknowledge. 

The following steps could be useful advice in goal setting process:

  1. Be Specific: What do you want to achieve? “ I want to do more exercise” is vague. Instead “I want to do 30minutes of walking a day” is precise and it is measurable.
  2. Go On The Record: Writing down your goals helps imprint them on your brain and shows your commitment to them. Place your list where you can see it as a daily reminder to yourself.
  3. Start Easy: If your aim is 30 minutes’ walking a day, beginning with ten minutes each morning is a realistic and achievable small win. Building on the habit every day over two weeks will boost your confidence and gain momentum.
  4. Divide & Conquer:  Arrange your list into short term and long term goals, break them down into steps. Set a completion date for each step.
  5. Tell Someone: Sharing your goals with your family or friends will help keep you accountable and will ensure you don’t lapse.
  6. Reward Yourself: Acknowledge your achievement of each step or the goal itself with a special reward.


Author: Madanjit Singh, Academic Director (based in Singapore) SIEC India

SIEC India, B-99 Sector Beta 1, Greater NOIDA
Contact: Animesh  at 4216133 / 2322644.

How do I find a job that I enjoy and is challenging?

Q: I am 23years old and I would like to know how I can find a job that I enjoy doing, one that would provide continuous challenges for me?

Ans: It seems you are at an important juncture in your life. You need to review your options and try to establish a growth strategy that will offer greater meaning and purpose as well as a deeper sense of clarity.

The following steps could part of your review process:

  1. Consider what goals you want to set for yourself on various fronts: finances, education, relationships, career, spiritual development and family.
  2. Ask yourself what your strengths and weaknesses are.
  3. Focus on your core strengths so you can find a comfortable career fit.
  4. Many people take up jobs in an area that are not their strong suit and they feel like a fish out of water everyday.
  5. Examine your abilities, interests and passions. Determine what your transferable skills are. Self knowledge is the fundamental key to personal success, so you need to understand yourself better you can build a long term career platform.
  6. Seek feedback from your family, friends and peers, which will help you carry out an objective career review.
  7. Find a suitable mentor. He or she can help you form a more objective view and help you make well informed decisions.


You can consider applying the ASK technique: Abilities, Skills, Knowledge.
of  self and career landscape. To successfully plan a career, you first need to discover your innate talent and how to harness it.  Strategic career management is about taking charge of your life’s agenda while embracing the greater scheme of life.

Staying engaged and challenged is about discovering your true passion and stretching yourself to the limit every day so you can live with few regrets.

Author: Madanjit Singh, Academic Director (based in Singapore)
SIEC India, B-99 Sector Beta 1, Greater NOIDA
Contact: Animesh  at 4216133 / 2322644.




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