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In West Bengal and the adjoining states, Chandrani Pearls is the name that first springs to the mind on the mention of the word “Pearls”. A great deal of romanticism is attributed to pearls and they are prized for the subtle glow and lustre that is a pleasure to behold. They are versatile and may be used in various settings and can be strung in innovative designs. Pearls symbolize wealth and beauty and in Indian culture they are said to bring luck to the user. Regardless of political and cultural boundaries, pearls are admired the world over and are a prized possession cherished and passed on from generation to generation.

Chandrani Pearls is a chain of stores in India that satiates the demand for pearls of not only of the people of Kolkata, but also those from the rest of West Bengal. Customers hail from all over the country, including the neighbouring states of Assam, Orissa, and Bihar and New Delhi. Some customers come even from Bangladesh, extending the market to across the international borders. The chain is known for its unbending ethical code of conduct of the business, which assures the customers of authenticity and the quality of pearls. The brand is identified with the business practises of honest dealings and value for money.