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    Fr Agnel school Management, Teachers and students celebrated Independence day in a grand way.


    Vande Matram, Vande Matram.....




    Heart touching scene.... in patriotic presentation by the student

    On this occassion Reverred Fr Bento Director of the school, Principal Sister Shilpa were present. After the flag hoisting by the Chief Guest Shri Gajanan Mali Founder , wonderful patriotic programme was presented including oner on corruption and also the victory at Kargil.


    Girl student being awarded a prize...


    .The height of the programme was the speech recital of Indira Gandhi by 6 year old girl..Laxmi .without a single mistake or a pause...she presented speech of Former PM .very beautifully. It proves that every child has a talent ..teachers have to identify and motivate. Prizes were also given to the various groups of the students for the various non academic activities.



    For him it was a very happy Independence day..


    as he recived a prize for good works

    Shri Gajanan Mali on this occassion said every Indian has to contribute for making India the developed Nation. He appreciated the Fr Agnel School Greater Noida for carving a space for itself in a short of span of time .




    Despite heavy rains..students performed their national duty....



    The specch by Shri Gajanan Mali, Founder is re-produced .

    Vande Mataram!

    I am reminded, of the timeless saying, by Albert Einstein, and I quote, “We owe a lot, to the Indians, who taught us, how to count, without which, no worthwhile, scientific discovery, could have been made.” unquote.

    Director of Fr Agnel School , Revered Fr Bento, Principal of the School -Sister Shilpa,  distinguished guests, teachers and my dear children. I would like to, express my feelings, on this great day, through another immortal English Proverb, "The soul is healed, by being with children."

    Well, I guess, this will speak, volumes for itself !!

    I extend, my warmest, Independence Day greetings, to all of you. I compliment, every single student and alongside every citizen of this country, whose hard work, productive actions and zeal, have put India, among the front ranks, of the great nations of the world.

    Every year, we celebrate our Independence Day, with great fervor as well as joy. Indeed, 15th of August 1947, will always be remembered, as a day ,of an extraordinary accomplishment, when India won it’s freedom, after a herculean struggle. Under the ,astute leadership of, Mahatma Gandhi, our movement, for attaining freedom, through Ahimsa and Satyagraha, millions and millions, of men and women, willingly and enthusiastically,

    responded to his call. They united, into an immense force, thus paving, the way to their victory, over the mightiest colonial power. Free India, was thus born. Gandhiji's thoughts, and his life are truly, an expression of peace and harmony, non-violence and truth, human dignity and compassion. We should always, practice these principles ,in our ,day to day life. 

    Being an independent country, gives us rights, privileges, freedoms and opportunities. It binds us, as a nation, and gives us, power on the world stage. The 21st century generation, is changing the face of India. It is upbeat, optimistic and filled with boundless energy. There is, an upsurge, in young talent, and a dramatic manifold increase, in accomplishments on international platforms. 

    I cite, some noteworthy examples.

    Sania Mirza: This young tennis star, needs no introduction. The first, Indian woman, to play in a Grand Slam Tennis.  She is strong-willed and has an undeterred passion, for tennis, that makes her a winner, time after time.

    Narain Karthikeyan: All of 30 years old, this young man, is on the fast track to success, and is zooming towards it full speed. Narain is now racing for GP and represents India.

    Sushil Kumar – Freestyle Wrestler, who studied in Noida College of Physical Education, has been practicing since he was 12. He became, the first Indian wrestler , to hold, the title of World Champion.

    Arjun Vajpai  : A 17-year-old Noida boy,  youngest Indian, to summit, the Mt Everest in 2010,  has become the youngest person, to reach the summit of Mt Lhotse, which is the fourth highest peak in the world. I quote him “It was a proud moment, when I could, finally unfurl ,the Tricolour, on the Everest,” he says,  “Everyone has a mountain, in his/her life ,they must conquer. It may be a fear or an obstacle, but once they overcome it,  the feeling, is like being, on top of the world.”

    Mahindra Singh Dhoni: Captain, of the Indian ODI team, at only 27, Dhoni led the T20 squad, to win the World Cup and restore India’s cricketing pride. The list, of Indian youth icons is just endless.

    The human spirit has a tremendous capacity, to reach, new summits and zeniths. We have the talent, to create, a developed nation; and with our collective- will and hard work - we will accomplish this. India can become, a developed nation, only if everyone, contributes, to the best of his or her ability and capability. The mission is, transforming India, into a developed nation, by 2020. Now let me also spell out that the crucial onus of transforming India into a developed nation, lies mostly, with our educational Institutions.

     It takes pride to mention that, Fr. Agnel Family, is today a very big family, with as many as 30,000 students, being educated and trained for life in different places all over. It includes, over 600 children in need, to whom, homes are provided, they are educated, trained and given a future.

    Dear Students, I am sure, most of you, have read J.K. Rowling’s, Harry Potter, and the Chamber of Secrets. I am inspired to quote, from it ..”It is our choices, that show, what we truly are, far more, than our abilities”.  I hope that, Fr. Agnel School students, will make right choices, and accomplish the mission of their school -to be confident and life-long learners, risk-takers and through their positive efforts ,contribute ,towards the growth of, the community they belong.

    May the wish of, Fr Bento, Director of the School, “School be the “Light of the World” and “Salt of the Earth”, be fulfilled.

    May the dream of your Principal, Sister Shilpa, “All her students should, become, above all, good and God fearing human beings” – be fulfilled.

    Dear Teachers, it is time to remember the eternal preaching of Mahatma Gandhi,  “Real education, is to draw out the best, from the boys and girls, to be educated”. Personally speaking, I feel that teaching is a national duty, of shaping, future generations, and therefore , I appeal you, to give your 100%, to the students , so that every student, of yours, contribute, in making India – the developed Nation.

    I compliment all the children who presented a wonderful patriotic presentations and those who received prizes.

    I thank, revered Fr Bento, and Principal, Sister Shilpa, for giving me, an opportunity, to be amongst you all.

    I wish you all - peace, prosperity and progress.  

    Jai Hind !


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