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    GPS enabled buses to ferry in Greater Noida.

    Adding much more conveniences to the commuters who prefer to travel by bus, the Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) is going to install the Global Positioning Systems (GPS) in around 150 buses ferrying from Greater Noida to Noida.

    The systems are being installed in order to track the buses and to make sure whether the buses are stopping regularly at the bus stops or not. The decision in this effect has been taken over the frequent complaints of the Greno residents and daily commuters, complaining about the unorganized movement of the buses in the area.

    The decision was taken in a meeting, which the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) holds a couple of weeks back with the UPSRTC officials to discuss the whole issue. The main agenda of the meeting was the inconveniences being faces by the bus passengers, while commuting from Greater Noida to Noida.

    The outcome of the meeting was that the GPS systems would be installed in all the buses to track the movement of the buses. “It the meeting it was decided that the GPS systems are to be fitted in the buses. The GNIDA instructed us to install the systems at the earliest,” said PR Belwari, Regional Manager UPSRTC.

    The GPS system will transmit the signals from the buses directly to the satellite, from where it would be read by the decoders installed in a Control room, giving the exact location of the buses.

    Belwari said, after the installation of the systems it would be easy for us streamline the movement of the buses on this particular route.

    As per the data available with the UPSRTC department, around 150 buses daily ferry between Greater Noida to Noida. And transport around 17000 commuters to and fro Greater Noida on daily basis.

    “The cost of the project is yet to be estimated. But we are looking for the company to look after the whole work of the installation of the GPS systems and the set up of the control rooms,” added Belwari.

    The decision is likely to bring much relief to the residents commuting in the Greater Noida area as presently the residents are facing serious problems in commuting on this particular route. They claimed that the bus drivers generally overlooked the bus stops, causing problems for the residents to board.

    But after the implementation of the systems, the erring drivers who are ignoring the bus stops or are not stopping on the stoppages would be identified and will be punished.

    Hailing the orders, the Greno residents claimed that it would lessen down the problem which they generally face while commuting. “It’s good. I wish the devices should be installed as soon as possible,” said Jaipal Awana, President Resident Welfare Association (RWA) Alpha II.

    Awana said the, the systems would be a boon for the commuters who complain that the buses are not being stopped regularly at the bus stops. He said the installation of the systems would be also good from the safety point of view as the authorities can keep an eye on the movement of the buses.


    # GPS is to be installed in buses running from Greater Noida.

    # GPS will track the movement of the buses.

    # Nearly 150 buses daily transport around 17,000 people from Greater Noida to Noida and vice versa.

    # GNIDA took the decision over the frequent complains of the daily commuters that buses are not being stopped at the bus stops.

    # Residents are hailed the orders and termed it a relief to the daily commuters.



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