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Welcome to Greater Noida! City of Fairies, Fountains, Flowers, Fragrance n Fairness!

From the Magic Eye of ….

Dr Brij Kishor Gupta

Environment and Wild Life Expert...a resident of Greater Noida


Fairies, five in number n Fountains Two Parichowk ....

Wonderful, beautiful n colorful landmark of Better Noida


Fountains,…two in City Park..offers calming effect


Flowers, of every colour, fragerance n size...offers fist to eyes ….at City Park


Fragrance - Golf course, City Park, Theme Parks in sectors, Row Planting through out city, green belts..offers fragrance…to its habitants.


Fairness ! ……..Fair Play…at City Park ...



"You really need to explore the beauty of Greater Noida, its full of nature...."

Moushumi Bhattacharya


Eyes n Lens of Moushumi Bhattacharya on Greater Noida's Flowers..



 "Its amazing that we can find so many species in this land of ours. I enjoy photography and while doing so, I started having interest in those beautiful creatures available. A book on Indian Birds helped me in identifying the species. Mainly these photographs are taken at Knowledge Park and Eldeco Roundabout at Sector-Pi" Says Moushumi Bhattacharya, Eldeco Residency Greens.More Birds



Greater Noida Fields


More for Nature Lovers....

Are you Nature and travel freak? Love n enjoy photography about nature, flowers, birds etc. Do you have

some photographs of our beautiful Greater Noida..then do mail to us at for listing here.