{Regn. No. 455 dated 04/08/2003}
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Shri P K Gupta

E-432, Gama-I, Gr Noida

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Air Marshall R K Gupta

F-217, Jal Vayu Vihar, Gr Noida

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An Appeal

 India is a multi-linguistic & cultural nation. Promulgation of the constitution ushered in a social revolution silently by changing the status of the individual from a subject of a colonial empire to a citizen of a free country. It laid down the method of governance and established the relationship of the citizen to the state. It endeavors to secure justice, liberty, equality, fraternity and assures the dignity of the individual by conferring fundamental rights upon the citizen. With one stroke, it abolished all distinctions of status, rank, creed, color and gender. It outlawed untouchability, an abominable social practice that had created discrimination and tensions in society.
Society is nothing but more than a manifestation of traditional thoughts & summation of community/families. And if that is true, then success of any society has infinitely more to do with clarity of shared purpose & principles and strength of belief in them, than it does with practices or resources, important as they may be. Without the hearts & minds of people, all assets of the society are materialistic.
In search of livelihood & also for job requirement many of us moved out of our parent society. But value addition on each society & its culture varies from location to location. We, GREATER NOIDA SHARADIA SANSKRITIK SAMITI (GNSSS) try to provide/create values for the families shifted from Bengali tradition & culture.
For last sevral years GNSSS successfully organized festivals like Durgapuja, Kalipuja & Saraswatipuja and also conducted cultural programs with local talents. Greater Noida residents cutting across the linguistic barrier, whole heartedly participates in the activities of GNSSS. To make the activities of GNSSS more organized & effective, it needs a space of its own, which will facilitate to lay the foundation of its dream project GREATER NOIDA KALIBARI.
To realize the above dream, GNSSS approached Greater Noida Industrial Authority (GNIDA) with a request to allot land for construction of ‘Greater Noida Kalibari’. A land admeasuring approximately 6,000 Sq. Meter has been allotted in Sector Pi-2, Greater Noida for construction of ‘Greater Noida Kalibari’. We the members of GNSSS express our highest regard & gratitude for the support, cooperation and guidance provided by the officials of GNIDA during the period of approval process for land allotment. 

Our society has already deposited 10% of the land cost amounting to a sum of Ruppes nine lacs as registration money out of the savings made so far from donation and contributions. We would be eligible to take physical possession of the land on payment of another 20% of land cost amounting to a sum of Ruppes eighteen lacs by May 26, 2008 and other charges like lease rent, registration fee, etc.

To fulfill the aspiration of the members of GNSSS & also the residents of Greater Noida at large, we invite your active support, participation & suggestion for this mission financially and otherwise. As we have to make necessary payment for the land to Greater Noida Authority very soon, your early donation to GNSSS will be highly appreciated.
Cheque/DD(payable at Delhi/Noida) may please be drawn in favor of GREATER NOIDA SHARADIA SANSKRITIK SAMITI.


Shri Santanoo Sen
G-34, Beta-II, Gr Noida
Ph : 9810548239

Success is not a matter of being the best & winning the race…..
Success is matter of handling the worst & still finishing the race.

Success in life depends upon two important things.
Vision : seeing the invisibles &
Mission : Doing the impossible.