Issues & concerns on Law & Order and Traffic Management in Greater P.J. Chauhan


_ Greater Noida city was planned as a world class city and
accordingly the infrastructure, beautiful roads etc were made.

_ But gradually things have started deteriorating in all respects.

_ There are no traffic rules here. Most people use the wrong side of
the road and rule abiding residents have to feel the brunt.

_ Earlier all shops had the standardized name boards now every shop
has its own design and size.

_ Earlier there were no roadside hawkers but now you can see plenty

_ In the evenings it is very difficult to drive to Jagat farm as so many
unauthorized shops and eating joints have come up there.

_ The purpose of this presentation is not to criticize any one but to
make the concerned authorities realize these fact and to take
immediate corrective actions before it is too late and the situation
goes out of hands and our city becomes an unruly city.


1. Availability of Police:
_ No or hardly any increase in police personnel with increase in

_ Police Station in Beta – 2 is known as P.S. Kasna and the
recently opened one in Kasna is known as P.S. Gr. Noida.
Names to be interchanged.

_ At night it is difficult to reach this Police station at Beta -2 as
the sector gates are locked and people run looking for the
gate which is open.

_ Patrolling is severely affected due to lack of police vehicles &
personnel and fuel restrictions.

_ Gr. Noida is a huge educational hub and the institutes are
placed in the knowledge park. There is no police station or
police post there. Moreover, there is hardly any police
patrolling neither in the day nor evening time.

_Do the law abiding residents of Gr. Noida feel safe either at
their residence or on the roads?

_Can ladies walk without any fear in the evening after dark on
the roads?

_ Residents of Gr. Noida want the answers to the above 2
questions to be ‘YES’. But is it so? And what needs to done?

_There have been many incidents when cars, chains, purse &
earrings of ladies have been snatched.

_We all have heard of thefts of money from ATMs. But today
morning robbers took away a full ATM machine of ICICI
Bank from the Alpha 1 commercial belt which is said to be
containing 31 lac Rs.

2. Private Security Services:

_ There are a number of security services working here and most of
their guards are untrained and do not have any permanent address
and no police verifications. How can the residents feel safe under

_ None of these security services are registered and approved by Gr.
Noida Authority or Police. This needs to be immediately done?

_ Quality of guards not only poor but pathetic.

_ There are fire fighting systems fitted in buildings but the guards do
not know how to operate them. What will happen is case of fire? How
many fire drills have been conducted by fire deptt. and equipments

_ The residents want that all security guards should be fully trained
and their addresses verified by Police and the security agency
registered and approved by local police / GNIDA.


3. Roads and Traffic:

Traffic Management or Mismanagement?
_ Vehicles drive on the wrong side of the road – how many have
been challaned, warned?

_ Buses both private & Govt. stop on the crossings /
roundabouts whereas the beautiful bus stops idle with cattle
resting under it.

_ Earlier some private guards were seen on crossings, but now
they are also not there.

_ Parking is a big problem especially in the markets be it
Gamma 1, Gamma 2, CM market, Alpha-1 commercial market
or the sector markets.

_ Vehicles can be seen parked freely on the roads.
_ No parking arrangements in residential sectors.

_ Why are schools allowed to open their gates on the crossings or
service lanes? This hinders normal traffic. Eg. Ryan School.

_ Why are school vehicles allowed to be parked on the roads when it is
a pre-condition as per GNIDA that it will be done inside the school.

_ Private buses plying on Kasna – Dankore – Dadri route are rowdy,
stop wherever they want. Rooftop riders can be mostly seen on
them. Wonder how many of these buses have ever been challaned?

_ Overspeeding within the city is a major problem. Heavy vehicles can
be easily seen driving rashly. There are no checks on them.

_ Triple riding on 2 wheelers. Road rage is a common problem and the
poor law abiding resident suffers.

_ Tractors with trollies which are involved in commercial activities do
not have number plate.

_ Most housing societies have their entrances on the service
lanes making it accident prone all the time with no speed
breakers. Visitor’s vehicles are parked on the service lanes
thus blocking the already so narrow service lanes.

_ All residential sectors have their entry through service lanes.
Why are they so narrow that 2 small vehicles cross each other
with great difficulty? Guess what happens when a bus or a
truck enters here. The only solution to this is make all such
lanes one-way.

_ The entrance of NPCL office, opposite Ryan’s School is right
on the crossing and on monthends the entire roundabout can
be seen full with cars, blocking the road.

_ Recently private charted buses have also been seen parked
on the roads / bus shelters.

_ Helmets not compulsory for 2 wheelers, why?

_ Recently motorised rickshaws have also started plying in Gr.
Noida after Noida, which are very much prone to accidents
besides being illegal.

_ There is absolutely no check on pressure horns of busses. We
do not understand why these cannot be stopped?

_ There are a number of Senior citizens residing at Gr. Noida
however no one on the road bothers about them and no one
respects their seniority.

_ School children should be first taught correct road etiquette
and then they should also be used to teach others. All schools
in Gr. Noida should come forward for this.

_ Defaulter should be challaned as we understand only this


4. Noida – Greater Noida Expressway:

_ What is the role of the Police Patrol vans? They have never
been seen doing any job except casually driving at slow
speeds. They never check any speeding car, bus or truck.

_ No help is available on the entire stretch if there is breakdown
or a puncture.

_ The road which is often referred to as ‘Killer Expressway’ is
not responsible for so many accidents but the bad upkeep and
the rash drivers.

_ Entrances / openings have been made at plenty of places not
only in the divider but also on the sides which are one of the
biggest cause of accidents.

_ Not all drivers know the rules of 6 lane highway driving.
Necessary boards to be put up.

_ At night you will never find the entire stretch fully lit. Some
part or the other is always dark.

_ Cattle guards are lying broken at many places.

_ Trucks and dumpers are seen traveling without rear lights or
reflectors which are very dangerous. Why are they not caught
or challaned?

_ Growing day-by-day looking for greener pastures:
includes domestic maids, safai walas, rickshaw-walla,
subziwala, malis, shop workers, deliveryman, bus and truck
attendants, taxi drivers, mazdoor- factory or building,
carpenters, vendors, mechanics, office boys etc.

_ Are any Police verifications being carried out or not on
them? Most residents are not aware of the procedures.

_ Residents of housing complexes would like to allow only
those who get their police verifications done. But this has
failed as no response comes through on verification.

_ Off late it has been found these have also become security
guards, wonder what type of security can be expected if no
verification is done.


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