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      Greater Noida's Power woes to be "turned off" - Transformer of 63 MVA is being set up near RC Greens in Greater Noida

      People won’t have to bare hours’ long power cuts in sweltering summers ahead. The Noida Power Corporation Limited (NPCL) is going to increase its electricity production so as to meet the increased electricity demand during summer.

      Power crisis has always been a cause of concern for the people during summers. But for those residing in Greater Noida, erratic power supply would soon be the thing of past, as Noida Power Corporation Limited (NPCL) is going to revamp the whole electricity infrastructure with the total cost of 57 crores.

      The decision in this effect has been made to meet out the electricity demand of the people during summer season. As per the records with the NPCL, the present supply in the area (Greater Noida) is around 130 Megawatts which is somewhere equal to demand, whereas the demand during summer season exceeds over 150 Megawatts. Thus, to meet out the gap between demand and supply, the infrastructure is being revamp.

      Under revamping, the department is setting up a transformer of much higher capacity than that of the existing transformers and also setting up a substation to ensure the equal distribution of electricity in all parts of the city.

      The transformer of 63 MVA is being set up near RC Greens in Greater Noida. The officials termed the transformer a sort of power house as it is of much higher capacity that that of the existing transformers. “The cost of the transformer is around 22 crores. The work of installation would be completed by first week of June,” said Rajeev Goyal, Senior Manager (Operation) NPCL.

      Besides, a substation is also being set up at Gharbara, near Gautam Buddha University. The purpose of the substation is to streamline the power distribution in the area. The cost of the substation is around 35 crores and its capacity would be of 100MVA. “The power distribution is also equally important as its generation. And the substation was the only option left with us for the efficient electricitydistribution in the city”, added Goyal.

      He said, setting up a transformer and a substation would be a major development. It is expected that after revamping, the electricity supply to the city will reach around 150 Megawatts, which is sufficient to meet the demand of the people.

      Presently, the city is being subjected to the acute power crisis. If the people are to be believed, in summer the roistering increases for around 3 hours. But to the much relief of the people, roistering in Greater Noida would no more be a problem in near future. People welcomed the efforts of NPCL and said, “It a major step for the development of the city.”

      “Power supply plays an important role in the development of any city. If the city will get good supply it will automatically attract the people, thus will help in the development,” said Virendra Kumar, a student.

      Fact file—
      # NPCL to revamp the electricity infrastructure worth Rs 57 crores
      # Transformer of 63 MVA is being set up near RC Greens in Greater Noida
      # A substation is also being set up at Gharbara, near Gautam Buddha University
      # Revamping is being done to meet the increased demand during summers
      # Present demand is around 130MW which exceeds in summers to 150MW




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