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Greater Noida Study Circle

Under the ageis of

Greater Noida Programme Centre
A Division of New Delhi YMCA
…Committed towards social, cultural and intellectual development…


Greater Noida Study Circle (Under the aegis of YMCA Greater Noida) organized a panel discussion on the theme, “Health Care Facilities in Greater Noida,” at the YMCA Greater Noida Programme Centre on Saturday, 24 November, 2007.

Mr. Vijay Russell, Chairman, YMCA Greater Noida Programme Centre Committee, while welcoming the participants appreciated the valuable inputs on topics of important concerns during the earlier discussions. He hoped that the forum will continue to make an important contribution in the life of community in Greater Noida.

Dr. V.P. Singh, Advisor, Sharda Hospital, Greater Noida was the keynote speaker. He spoke on the various kinds of health care facilities available in the region, and the expectations and limitations in specialized fields. He stressed on the need to create a forum/platform to build awareness on health care and available facilities in Greater Noida for people.

Dr. Sanil Kapoor, Medical Superintendent, Kailash Hospital, Greater Noida, spoke on the need of promoting a sense of social responsibility among the people. He stressed that people should take health care seriously.

The forum discussed many case-studies. Among several things, it was felt that most people, especially the illiterates and economically poor lack basic medical care and health awareness. A need for a well equipped District Government Hospital was identified in the region.

The panel proposed that a list of blood donors be developed and listed on Also, a document listing facilities available in different hospitals, availability of doctors, provision of subsidized or free health care be developed. It was suggested that the forum should work closely with the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority and in partnership with other hospitals in the region to develop a module of building health awareness.  

Mr. Harold Williams, Executive Director, thanked the experts and those present on behalf of YMCA for their participation, and said that the forum will continue its deliberations until a strong wave of awareness and consciousness is developed in the community. Also, in partnership with health institutions and corporate the Greater Noida Study Circle will organize a “Health Education Mela,” in the future.



The second Panel Discussionon the theme, “Law and Order in Greater Noida,” took place at the YMCA Greater Noida Programme Centre on Saturday, 13 October, 2007.

While welcoming the members on behalf of the YMCA, Mr. Harold Williams, Executive Director, YMCA Greater Noida Programme Centre said that the Greater Noida Study Circle has been initiated to promote discussion and consciousness on a spectrum of topics of common interest and importance to the community life in Greater Noida. “The Study Circle”, he said should not be seen as a front against any office or individual. He urged the group to deliberate on issues with sensitivity, and make logical suggestions and remedial measures, where needed, so that these could be communicated to the concerned authorities or individuals. He stressed that this small initiative hopefully will set a wave of consciousness among the community in Greater Noida. 
Mr. Shantonu Sen, Secretary to Lt.Governor, Delhi & Former, Deputy Director, CBI & first resident of Greater Noida in his keynote address said that when he came to Greater Noida in 1998, law and order was good. But, then as the population grows with the growth of the city there is always the danger of deterioration in law and order. “How can we infuse in the community a system of law”, he posed an important challenge. He urged the gathering to bring about a change in their personal-attitude towards problems, which directly affect, and to become instruments of change.  He said, “Police will not do anything...we will have to form pressure-groups of conscious residents ...and take steps for our own security”.


Mr. P.J. Chauhan, Brand Management & Business Plan Manager (Retail) North India, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, while speaking on the “Issue & Concerns of Residents in Greater Noida”, raised several questions on the declining state of city discipline in terms of traffic rules, transportation hazards, inadequate parking facilities, increase in unauthorized parking and shops, and passive public attitude. He focused on inadequate number of police personnel to cope with the increasing pressure of security and safety of people and property. He expressed his anxiety over the poor quality of Private Security Services in the city. He questioned the role of  ‘Police Petrol Vans’, and spoke of “Killer Expressway”, responsible for accidents because of  rash truck-drivers and poor up-keep.He shared a number of powerful images in support of his well-researched presentation.

Ms. Roma Debabrata, Reader, Miranda House, Delhi University, and a resident of Greater Noida spoke on strong unorganized labour force which is being pulled from the neighbouring region of Ghaziabad, Noida, Faridabad, Meerut and other regions of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana in search of easy livelihood. With no permanent place to stay, the women and children are not only vulnerable to risk situations in the hands of the strangers but also in the hands of neighbouring labourers who are free to commit any crime and escape from the scene. She focused on the issue of “Trafficking of Women”, of migrant labours struggling for sustenance in the city. She also expressed her concern over the safety of girl-students. “Authorities should take adequate steps to improve the law and order situation, and provide a safer environment to the residents, especially women,” she stressed.

Ms. Sugandh Sinha, young student of Birla Institute of Management Technology, Greater Noida shared her experience and that of many other girl students living in Greater Noida. She said that since Knowledge Park area does not have too many residential houses, it is scary to venture out even during the day time! She spoke about rampant eve-teasing and rowdy elements in the area. She confessed that she has not seen a patrolling van in the Knowledge Park area for the past one and a half years.

Air Marshal (Retd) R.K. Gupta, Wing Cdr. (Retd) Harinder Singh, Mr. C.P. Bagla, President, Rotary Club, Capt. S.K.Sahay (Retd) HR, Consultant, Mr. Harpreet Khurana, CFO, Uniparts India Ltd., K.K.Sharma, Manager, Kailash Hospital, Mr. K.K. Khanna (Retd) Civil Engineer, Ms. Manjula Mihra, Secretary IIA, Mr. R. Sriniwas, Senior Town Planner, Mr. Gajanan Mali, NMCs Brand Ambassador Mr. D.P.Gautam were among several other important residents who attended the session. Participants thanked the YMCA Greater Noida for being a pioneer in providing a platform for the citizens to deliberate on issues concerning their own socio-cultural environment and the city.

The group felt that mere listening to the presentations will not help. In order to find logical answers to the problems of Law & Order, several small “Task Groups”, should be identified from among those, who have been attending the sessions. These should work seriously with clear ‘terms of reference’, on the issues along with the concerned authorities/individuals to find solutions to some of the problems expressed during the deliberations.

Mr. Harold Williams thanked the main speakers and those present for having made the event so fruitful. He said that YMCA will continue to initiate such deliberations and discussions, which will help the community, understands issues better and find ways to make living in Greater Noida a pleasant experience.


Harold Williams
Executive Director
YMCA Greater Noida Programme Centre


New Delhi YMCA has always been involved in promoting serious deliberations and discussions on topics of significance, which can benefit the community life. Keeping this tradition, the first series of lectures took placed on “Marketing Greater Noida,” at the YMCA Greater Noida Programme Centre (A Division of New Delhi YMCA) on Saturday, 25 August, 2007 at 4:00 pm.

While welcoming the members, Mr. Vijay Russell, Chairman, YMCA Greater Noida Programme Centre Committee shared the past initiative and experience of New Delhi YMCA in the area of bringing people on a common platform to deliberate and discuss on issues and concerns that matter most in a community. Mr. Mark Clive, AGS, YMCA Greater Noida Programme Centre said that the Study Circle will be a forum where participants will not only discuss, but make relevant suggestions and recommendation to be addressed by the  community and concerned administration.

Mr. Brijesh Kumar, Former, Chairman & CEO, Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority & Former Secretary, Ministry of Information Technology, the Government of India in his brief presentation talked about “Why the need to Market Greater Noida,” and earlier efforts made by the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority. He said that ‘Marketing,’ should not to be confused with ‘Advertising and Public Relations.’ He emphasized on the need to project Greater Noida as a modern, efficient city of international standards with an eco-friendly relaxed environment: (green, landscaped, flowers, fountains, aesthetic), and land of plenty (supply to precede demand). In his final remarks he said, “A city is a living organism.” While understanding the marketing needs, we should take on board the basic realities such as:

  1. Changing Times
  2. New Requirements
  3. Re-evaluate environment, and the need to form
  4. New Strategies

Dr. Harivansh Chaturvedi, Director, Birla Institute of Management Technology, Greater Noida in his address said that Greater Noida has been planned with an obsession, and is ready to become a city with world class infrastructure. He talked about investment possibilities in terms of  promoting institutions, industries, residential, InfoTech and Bio Tech parks. He spoke about ‘Smart Differentials,” which make Greater Noida a vibrant city. He saw the need to develop a Vision Statement. ‘Vision,’ to enhance tourism, education, health care and foreign investments, and ‘Vision Statement,’ to make Greater Noida an eco-friendly preferred destination to invest and live in. He proposed a ‘Marketing Plan,’ with a spectrum of suggestions, and how marketing creates a wide difference in attracting investments and tourists to nations and cities. He gave examples of nations such as Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Switzerland, U.A.E., and cities and States of India: Dubai, Macao, Bangkok, London, Las-Vegas, Goa, Kerala, and Madhya Pradesh. He even proposed to produce a “Welcome to Greater Noida,” brochure describing the world class standards of infrastructure in the city.

Ms. Nimisha Sharma, Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority presented a bird’s eye view on all that has gone into making Greater Noida what it is today and will be by 2011 and 2021. While talking on elements of an efficient, international city  she said that Greater Noida has:

  1. Infrastructure - Physical, Social, Industrial
  2. Urban Design and Asthetics
  3. Land of Plenty-Supply To Exceed Demand
  4. Assured Quality of  Life

She spoke on the Development Model of the city, which aims at provision of quality infrastructure, attracts industries and institutions, employment generation and growth & development of the city. She also focussed on salient features of the plan and landscape Master Plan. She emphasised on Greater Noida Urban Development Authority’s concern on social infrastructure planning, making Greater Noida an ‘Emerging Knowledge Hub,’ being sensitive to heritage and conservation, and development plans for rural areas.

She also shared that Disaster Management Plan is being prepared by the National Institute of Disaster Management jointly for Greater Noida and Noida area.

Mr. Shambhunath Shukla, Resident Editor, Amar Ujala, Noida in his very brief presentation raised some of the main concerns of common people living in Greater Noida. He said that projects such as airport, night safari and Gautam Buddha Nagar University were a distant dream. He said that marketing strategies require answers to ground realities such as better transport facilities, provision of basic amenities-water, electricity supply, health care and adequate safety and security of the residents.

Mr. Ashwani Mehandru, Chapter Chairman, Indian Industries Association presented his views on the industries in Greater Noida. While appreciating the presence of MNCs, he stressed on the need for the Greater Noida Urban Development Authority to help entrepreneurs through small scale industries, and to particularly involve rural populations. He said that the Greater Noida Urban Development Authority has the potential of becoming the best, but it has to go a long way.

There was a time for comments and reactions by those present. The session was chaired by Mr. Brijesh Kumar.  Many concerns were expressed such as whether the slogan, “Greater Noida-Where supply exceeds demands,” “City of no Power-Cuts,” stand justified in the present context. Concerns were expressed about inadequate transport and commuting system, violation of traffic rules, safety and security of residents, law and order situation. There was a unanimous feeling that the new satellite township of Greater Noida should not degenerate!

Mr. Mark Clive, AGS, YMCA Greater Noida Programme Centre thanked the main speakers and those present for having made the event so fruitful. He said that YMCA will continue to initiate such deliberations and discussions, which will help the community, understands issues better and find ways to make living in Greater Noida a pleasant experience.

The event was attended by nearly 55 participants.