Frequently asked questions in the Interviews...


By Prof Vishal Aggarwal


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1. Tell us something about yourself. Or How would you "define" yourself OR

Tell us something about yourself that is not already there in your resume.



    2. What do you know about us?


Why would you want to work for our company?

                            OR .                                                               

Are you interested in knowing something more about us ? What? Why?


3 What do you think are your immediate career objectives?


Your short-term goals?



What do you want to do in your life?



What are your long-term goals? How you propose to attaint these goals?



What do you want to do with your life?

4. Where do you find yourself after (five or) ten years?



Do you think yourself a goal oriented person? How !


What are your long term career objectives?



What do you want to do with your life?

5. How would you desscribe your ideal job?/ OR

What goals you have for your career?


What are you doing to achieve (or how do you plan to achieve) these goals?

6. What do you feel about your academic performance till now?


Are you satisfied about your academic performance...


Do you think that your academic performance is the best you are capable of? If not why? What you can do to improve upon it?


How do you think your professors & Teachers would describe you if we talk to them about you?


7. Why did you opt for. to pursue a career in engineering ? or Why did you choose this

           career option ? (or branch of study etc ....... ) ...... .

8. Beside academic performance, what else, you think, is needed for success in a job?


What do you think it takes to be successful in a career like.... (Chosen)?

9 Which are your favourite subjects?   Or   which subjects do you think you will be comfortable in if we ask questions (followed by more questions)./


10 Where did you take your training? What did you learn about your project work (more questions will be asked)?


Do you have any actual work experience - if no- than how do you think you can be selected or taken in?

11. Speak some thing on a topic of your choice that would be informative / interesting to us.

12. Speak a few lines on"         " (Topic given be selection committee member).

13. Narrate one significant achievement in your life till now? Elaborate & Discuss.


Narrate a challenging situation you faced? What did you do?

14. How do you spend your leisure time / spare time. OR   Why do you need to have hobbies?


Do you have any hobbies? Tell us about your hobbies?


Did you participate in any extra curricular activities? What for? Do you gain any thing out of it?

15. What are your strengths & weaknesses? Or are you aware of your strengths & weaknesses~ OR

What are you doing / have done to overcome your weaknesses.


What is your greatest strength? What is your greatest weakness?


What you intend doing with your strengths? What you intend doing with your weaknesses?

16. Who is your idol (role model)? (Be prepared for further questions     OR

Describe the course / person / event that had the greatest impact on your thinking / career goals so far.


Who or what has inspired you the most in life? Why?

17  Why do you think you should be selected OR

Why should we hire you? Tel us some good reasons?


If you are not selected in campus interviews what would you do?


18. Do you have any idea, what we are looking for?


          What will be your functions & responsibilities after you join us. Do you have any idea?

& Then  How do you justify & fit yourself in light of these requirements?

19 Do you think the compensation offered is acceptable and will keep you happy for next 2 years at least?


      Is money important to you? Or Power or Fun? Which one & Why? OR

      How much money at your age you think you need to be happy?

20. What do you think should be an acceptable compensation for fresh engineers like you?

21. Any location preferences? Can you relocate to Bombay ....... etc.


22Can you name a few leading companies (May be 3) in your field of study? What is their present

      Activity - Turnover - Chief Executive (you will be asked to speak) ........... If they make an offer

      Whether you will join them. Or us? Why?

23. Some technical questions on your specialization / value addition course attended?

24. Name some eminent personalities from your field of study & speak a few words about them.

25. What according to you is success? How do you evaluate success OR

      Describe a situation where you think you were successful? & What it takes to be successful in this career you are choosing?

26 Describe a situation in which you were successful


27 "Excellence" can you define or say some thing about it.


        Any ideas as to how you achieve "excellence?


28 Name some accomplishment / achievements that have given you the most satisfaction in your life? Why was the accomplishment so satisfying?

29. If you live your life all over again, what would you change?

30. Would you like to work with information or with people? Why?

31. Do you think you are a team player? How do you justify?


        Why do you think are team players required in an organization?

32. What motivates you / or what do you think drives you? Or what is your passion in life?


        What values are dear to you in life? or do you have any guiding principles in life?


33. Justify why should I choose you? Or Why should we offer you this job.

34. Conflicts - are they essential? How do you resolve them?


        Have you ever had a conflict with the boss or professor? How did you resolve it?

35 Can you handle pressure & stresses? Why do these arise? How do you think you should handle?

36 Why did you choose this college? There are so many other colleges - what is special about this college?

37 What changes you have undergone in college? or What were your favourite classes (or subjects) & why?

38 How has your education prepared you for a career? Or you find more needs to be done? What more?


      DO you think any training is needed? How much?

39. Do you have any plan for further education? If it clashes with the offer we give you then what are you going to do?

40. Why do you want to work in ......... industry? (IT I TCS I etc)


      Why would you prefer this job?


41 What do you understand from capability Maturity Models as related to Quality Assurance levels?

      What is the significance of SE! - CMMI Levels

42. What is PCMM Level-5? What does 'P' signify?

43. What is the significance of  ISO 9000 - 2000 certification?

44 What is Indian IT Market? By value & in competitive strength?

        What is Global IT Market?

        What % is the Indian IT Market of Global demand? How do you view its future?

45. What is IT? Or Can you define IT?

46. What inputs are needed for IT Sector entrants.


      At the entry level - what do you expect the fresh engineers should possess?


47 STUDENT'S SHOULD AIM FOR what kind of Behaviours & attitudes for success in IT World ? Can you comment ? Any ideas ?


48 Quiz Type Questions ion technical krl6wledge /subject area / Skill sets / C, C++ / RDBMS / Oracle data bases? OS / MYSQL / Hardware / Network Security & Networking & Wireless Technologies or Current demand areas like .NET / J2EE - ERP Applications EAI etc.; RDBMS & Operating Systems Windows / Linux and Tools & Languages; Ped; PHP.


49.   What is TQM ? How is it different from ISO 9000 certified ?

50 What is lIT approach (Just in Time) ? Why practice this & how does it help? What other inventory control models you know of?

51 What is Total Customer satisfaction approach (TCS) ? How does it differ from ISO 9000 approach?

52.   What is preventive Maintenance? What is total preventive maintenance (TPM).

53. What is statistical Quality Control. What is SIX SIGMA Approach. How do you apply "Six Sigma" to your college operations.

54 Production Planning & Control - how this has changed with the availability of computer Aided Techniques?

55 About CAD I CAM Softwares like Auto CAD I ProE / IDEAS &. ANSYS / CATIA / Unigraphics / DEL-CAM etc. - the common softwares - You should know any two - & can say that others can be learnt.

56 Questions about Cutting Tools / Heat Treatment / Hardness Measurement & Material Properties & Material Sciences / Manufacturing Technologies / Welding, Sheet Metal work / Foundry & Pattern Making / Turbines, boilers & thermodynamics / I.C. Engines etc.


57 f process Instrumentation companies - then PLC / SCADA / PID Controller / Drives / Ladder Programming / Various Actuators, Sensors etc. depending on companies own Activities, If Automation - Industrial, then - Robotics, virtual instrumentation, sensors; actuators & controls / embedded applications etc.


58. Specific to Telecom & Wireless Technologies; GSM, CDMA; 3G Networks, VOIP, Bluetooth, Embedded Applications using C / C++; RTOS; Networking companies want specific knowledge of LAN / V AN / Client server; Hardware; Wireless Technologies, Network Security, Ethical hacking, Data Storage, RDBMS, Data Mining etc.

59. There may be specific demands like Embedded systems, VLSI design etc.

Questions - Classified



What changes would you make in your school/college/university? What did you learn from life at school/college/university?

What subjects did you like best at school/college/university? Why? In what way(s) did school/college/university prepare you for work? What did you like most/least about school/ college/university?

Why did (not) you go to another ( ........... ) college/university?

Do you thing your grades are a true reflection of your ability?

If you had the chance, what changes would you make to this country's education system?


What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

How do/did you get on with your schoolmates/college mates/workmates? What really brings out the best in you?

How would you describe yourself?

What has given you most satisfaction in life so far ? What is your definition of success?

How do you perform under pressure?

Tell me about the biggest problem you've had to face in life. How did you overcome it? We all make mistakes in life. What have you learned from yours?


What is your ideal working environment?

What is it about this job that appeals to you? Why do you think you would be good at this job? Why did you apply to this company?

What do you think the ideal relationship is between a boss and his staff? Tell me what you know about this company.

What have you learned from your present job (past part-time) jobs? What things are most important to you in choosing a job?

How do you think you could make a contribution to the company? How would you change the company you are working for now? Explain to me why I should give you this job.


What is your ideal job at this stage in your life? What do you expect to be doing in 5/1 0 year's time?

Why did you choose a career in .............. ?

If you do not get this job, what do you plan to do?

Why do you want to leave your present job?

What do you like best/least about your present job?

What have you gained from your present job that would help you in this one ?


Do you mind working long hours (overtime)?

 Can you drive ?

Are you willing to be relocated?

What starting salary would you expect? When would you be able to start work?


How do you spend your time when you are not studying/working ? What is your main leisure interest ?

Are you particularly good at any of your hobbies/activities ? Have you ever organized activities for other people ?

Do you read a lot ?

Who is your favourite author ? Why?

What benefits do you think get from your activities ?


What does your father do for a living ?

What do (does) your parents (wife) think about your applying for this job ? What do your brothers and sisters do ?

Does being married mean that you can only work in the town?