Noida Metro

An Extension of Delhi Metro.

Line....Yamuna Bank – Noida Sector 32 City Centre ..13.1 km length....10 Stations..



January 25, 2010....The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) today introduced an additional train on its Line 3/4 from Dwarka Sector 9 to Noida City Centre/Anand Vihar - its most heavily crowded route.

The line is also the DMRC's longest in operation, at present carrying 48 per cent of the total ridership on the Metro system.

With the addition of the new train, the Metro will now have 43 trains on the line and it will now be able to run 78 additional trips from Dwarka to Yamuna Bank. From Yamuna Bank, 39 of these trips will go on to Noida City Centre and the remaining 39 to Anand Vihar, a DMRC press release said.

The 78 trips will help DMRC accommodate 90,000 people and ease the traffic, the release said.

The Line 3/4 of the Delhi Metro is 47.1 kms (Dwarka Sector-9 to Noida City Centre) and 6.25 kms (Yamuna Bank to Anand Vihar).


January 16, 2010 Parking facility has now been provided at Sector 15 Metro Rail Station. About 1000 vehicles could be parked.

Noida 10, 2009: Delhi Metro increases no of trains to 41 from 38 in view of blueline buses going off. During peak hour frequency would be 7 minutes instead of 12 minutes.


Noida Metreo is now the lifeline of Noidates is moving people and also the economy

Noida Metro has now made available at 4 stations out of total 6. City Centre and Botanical Gardden Station has night parking facility. Here at a time about 4000 vechicles could be parked. at Sector 16 and Sector 15 parking facility is vailable from 06. 00 am - 11.00 pm. At present there is no parking facility at Golf Course and Sector 18 Metro stations. Finishing work at all the six stations is still on but movement of passesngers /operatio of Metro is not affected. All the stations have the facility of Escalotrs and two lifts. Disable people, children and senior citizen can easily ride metro. Every station has teicket counters and toilets facility. Pedestreations has been immensely benefitted as the Metro stations at City Centre and Atta are acting as foot bridge. Noida has noe got relief from traffic kams, congestion on road, vehicular pollution has reduced and also the number of road accidents. UPSRTC has sufferred are commuters are not taking buses on Metro route.."We have decided to withdraw some buses from these toutes says P B Balwiaya , RegionalManager, UPSRTC.

Since Nov 13, 37 Metro train trips of Noida -Dwarka line cancelled, Lok Sabha told


Following the extension of Line 3 to Noida on November 13, the total number of train trips that were cancelled on all the three lines stood at 59, Roy said. Line 3 (Dwarka Sector 9 to Noida City Centre) had the highest number of trip cancellations, with 37 out of 9,518 trips being called off.....More


Day 1 of Delhi-Noida Metro fetches DMRC Rs 19 lakh

In another first for DMRC, the city Metro has earned a maximum revenue of Rs 1.64 crore on a single day, thanks to hike in the fare and the newly launched Noida corridor which has made thousands of passengers bid adieu to crowded buses and opt the new age transport system.

Metro earned Rs 1.64 crore on Saturday, a day after the fare hike came into effect and the much-awaited Noida line was opened to the public, with over 9.5 lakh people travelling on it. This is the highest earning so far since the Metro became operational on 25th December 2002, a DMRC spokesman said.

The Yamuna Bank-Noida Sector 32 line, which has 10 stations, alone generated a revenue of Rs 19 lakh on Saturday, he said...More



13/11/09 ...Good Friday of Noida....Noida Metro Opened for public at 06.00 am


Noida Metro Enetring the Station.....



Noida metro City Centre Station




Noida Metro Started its operations...two wheelers missing from road.... 12/11/09: The Chief Minister flagged of the Metro from the Noida City Centre station around 1515 hrs IST and travelled aboard it till Noida sector 16 station and back. The line will be opened for public on Friday.

"Our government is trying to extend Metro rail services to the rest of the state, starting with Greater Noida and the remaining parts of Noida. We also want to connect the proposed airport at Javer with the Metro," said after flag off to Noida metro Ms Mayawati, UP CM.

Hundreds of passers-by thronged the Noida City Centre Metro station on Thursday afternoon and even moved on to Metro tracks posing serious doubts on security issues, barely an hour after Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati flagged off the Metro's Noida link.

The 13.1 km Yamuna Bank-Noida line was inaugurated by Union urban development minister S Jaipal Reddy in the presence of chief minister Sheila Dikshit at the newly-built Akshardham station .

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has announced across the board hike in fares ranging from Rs 2 for short distances to Rs 8 for longer hauls.

Noida - Greater Noida Community Blog - Noida Metro : Aaanese Uske Aayegi Bahaar....

By Aditya Ghildyal...

Noida Metro's Botanical Garden Station

Route Map




Sector 15 (Gol Chakkar)
This will be the first stop after entering Noida from New Ashok Nagar. If any one passes by this place and wonders why it is called Gol Chakkar, then historically there was indeed a Gol Chakkar (Circle) at this junction. But as soon as the traffic started to become heavy the circle was uprooted and traffic lights were installed. It is the oldest landmark in Noida, dating back to days when the township was not yet developed.

This station will mostly cater to people from New Asoke Nagar, Sectors 1, 2, 14, 15, 14A, 15A, 6 & 7.

Sector 16 (HCL Office)
This is an IT major of Noida as many IT and electronic companies are established near this place. DTC bus depot is also present in this sector.

This station will gather people from Sector 3, 16, 17, 19, 16A, 9 & 20.

Sector 18 (Attachowk)
Sector 29 with Bhramaputra Shopping complex was once used to be the most happening place in Noida with young and old bee lining in the evening time. Long since Sector 18 has replaced it to be commercially most successful place in Noida. It boasts of very high property prices and heavily consumed electricity. It has the first Mall cum Multiplex (Centerstage Mall and Waves Multiplex) of Noida with five screens and India's one of the best discotheque The Elevate. Sector 18 has almost all the India's major band showrooms. This fast becoming difficult-to-park-at place will have India's largest Appu Ghar in its vicinity, and will surely gain more with Metro on its door.

A multi-level parking is planned in front of the Radisson Hotel and will have seven-levels. It will be partly underground, with three floors for commercial usage. The roof will host a helipad.

This station will cater to the Sectors 27, 18, 28, 29, 26 & 30.

Sector 38A (Botanical Garden)
The Botanic Garden of Indian Republic (BGIR) is being set up on 200 acres of prime land in Sector 38A by the Botanical Survey of India under the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India. Its vast canvas will include such components as woodlands, arboreta, water bodies, display sections, experimental plots, and nurseries as well as civil structures like an administration-cum-herbarium-library complex, interpretation centre, reception counters, conservatories, parking complex and gazebos. The BGIR is mandated to conserve the endangered plants of the country and showcase its threatened plant diversity. It will also serve as a centre of excellence for conservation research and environmental education. By developing special innovative features, it is expected to become a major attraction for eco-tourism even as it develops into one of the most uniquely landscaped botanic gardens of modern times.

This station will cater to the Sectors 29, 38/38A and also people coming from Greater Noida side (atleast till Metro is extended to Greater Noida).


Sector 37 (Golf Course)
Noida's golf course is old and is nearly full. This is why Noida Authority is asking for bids to create a new golf course in Noida. If you look at the image from Google Earth then you can appriciate the top view of the golf course.

The station over here will cater to Sector 31, 36, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44 and 37

Sector 32 (Noida City Center)
Architect Hafeez Contractor is working at the 99-hectare Noida City Centre between that is located at sectors 25A/32, and this will be the terminating point for Noida Metro Phase I. As heard in the news this place will be a tourist attraction in Noida with something similar to London Eye will be created over here. World's largest building was also planned by the authority over here, but ran into lot of controversy and hopefully is finally dumped.

This station will cater to Sector 10, 11, 55, 56, 57, 58, 12, 21, 21A, 25, 32, 24, 23, 33, 35, 52, 53, 61, 62, 50, 51.

As you can see there are lot of sectors, so Noida Metro will be extended in Phase II to cater to these sectors effectively.

Contact information..... of DMRC

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.
Metro Bhawan
Fire Brigade Lane, Barakhamba Road,
New Delhi - 110001, India
Board No. - 23417910/12
Fax No. - 23417921

For your comments, suggestions or grievances you may contact:

Mr Anuj Dayal
Chief Public Relations Officer

Ph: +91-11-23418415
Fax: +91-11-23418416

24 Hours DMRC Helpline No.: +91-11-128128
For calling from mobile phones please dial 011 -128128


Delhi Metro lines


Delhi Metro Route Map


Delhi Metro Rail Corporation

Noida Metro in News.....

Noida Metro to be flagged off on 12th November

Delhi Metro's Yamuna Bank - Noida section would be flagged off by Union Urban Development Minister S Jaipal Reddy on 12th November around 3 pm from Yamuna Bank and from Noida City Centre almost at the same time it would be flagged off by the Chief Minister of Urrar Pradesh Ms. Mayawati. Metro would be open to public on November 13. About 50,000 thousands commutres are expected to be added on Metro network.

Noida Metro Trial begins.....


With the successful completion of trial runs till Noida Sector-16 station, Delhi Metro today began trial runs on the entire 13.1 km Yamuna Bank-Noida corridor which is expected to be open to the public by the middle of November.


The trial runs on the entire Noida corridor (between Yamuna Bank and Noida City Centre, Sector 32)) began today at 2:30 pm in the afternoon covering a distance of approximately 13 kms, a DMRC spokesman said.

The opening of the route will result in a paradigm shift in the travel habit of thousands of people in the National Capital Region. The Yamuna Bank, Noida City Centre Metro corridor is almost 13.1 kms long and is completely elevated consisting of 10 stations. The corridor will be integrated with the existing 34.3 km Yamuna Bank?"Dwarka Sector-9 extending the total length of Line-3 to 47.4 kms.

The corridor is expected to be inaugurated by mid-November to enable people from Noida to visit the India International Trade Fair at Pragati Maidan beginning on November 14.


.However, the spokesman said, the final opening date of this line will depend upon the successful completion of the trails and clearance by the Commissioner for Metro Railway Safety.

About 53,000 passengers are expected to join the new age transport system after the opening of the Noida corridor.During the trial runs today, the interaction of the Metro train with physical infringement (civil structure) was checked to ensure that there was no physical blockage during the movement of the train.

Special emphasis will be given on safety which is the prime concern during a trial, as DMRC has to ensure that the system is fully safe for use before the section is opened for the public. With the opening of the section, Line III will comprise a total of 42 stations and its length will increase to 47.2 kms. There are 10 stations on the 13.1 km section, out of which four fall within Delhi and six in Noida.

Decks were cleared for the DMRC to cross Delhi and enter NCR when Parliament passed a Bill to give legal cover for construction, operation and maintenance of the metro rail system in the National Capital Region and other metro cities.

The upcoming Metro stations on the Noida corridor will have a completely new and modern look. The exterior of the station will be made using a special technique called ACP (Aluminium Composite Panel).

This technique is mostly used in the exterior portion of malls and other modern buildings to provide an aesthetic and modern look.

Parking facility has been provided at all stations till New Ashok Nagar and in Noida at Botanical Garden and Noida City Centre Metro stations.




MEtro enters in Noida

The Delhi Metro on Monday conducted successful trial runs of its service between Yamuna Bank and newly-built station in sector 16 of Noida, the city's suburb in neighbouring Uttar Pradesh.

According to the Delhi Metro officials, the trials began around 12.30 p.m. and were conducted on the 8-km stretch after a small prayer ceremony was organised at the Yamuna Bank station.

During the trials, the train was run at a slow speed of 10 to 20 kmph. The speed will be gradually increased to 50 kmph and ultimately, a maximum of 80 kmph will be generated.

"This is the first time that the Delhi Metro crossed the borders of Delhi and entered the National Capital Region. Two trial runs, round trips were conducted successfully between 12:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. on this section," Delhi Metro spokesman Anuj Dayal said.

Senior Delhi Metro officials were also present during the trial runs.

The officials said the trial runs will continue for a week and are likely to be extended from sector 16 to sector 32 in the first week of November. The entire section from Yamuna Bank to Noida sector 32 may be opened for traffic by middle of November or the beginning of December.

About 53,000 passengers are expected to join the Metro commuters after the opening of the Noida corridor.

Dayal said the signalling system was also being tested during the trials.

"The response of the train at various speeds, braking of the train and the interconnection with operations control centre (OCC) will also be monitored during the trials. The behaviour of the track system and the overhead electrification will also be checked repeatedly during the trials," he said.

This section will be integrated with the existing 34.3 km Yamuna Bank-Dwarka Sector-9 section.


Noida Metro Aane Se Uske Aayegi Bahaar....lekin philhaal karna parega intejaar


Residents of Noida and East Delhi will have to wait for some more time for the Metro trains as DMRC today said these areas will be able to enjoy the comforts of the new age transport system by December.

DMRC Managing Director E Sreedharan said the 13.1 km long Yamuna Bank-Noida Corridor will be inaugurated by the first week of December while the Anand Vihar section is likely to be thrown open to public by December-end or early January.

"The Noida corridor will be opened at one go. We are waiting for trains to come and we need at least seven trains to start operations on this corridor. We hope to get these trains by November and start the operations by early December," he told reporters.



Pillar repair delays Noida line


DMRC is strengthening eight cantilever piers on the Yamuna bank - Noida line. Residents of east Delhi and Noida will have to wait a little more as a new date for the opening of this section is yet to be fixed.



Feeder Bus Service For Metro....

Metro will be reaching shortly to Noida.

There is dire necessity for feeder service for Metro at Greater Noida. Preferably, the route for feeder sevice should be planned such a way to cover , NOIDA BUS STAND,ATTA CHOWK, YAMUNA BANK /NOIDA METRO STATION , SHAHDARA METRO STATION,GHAZIABAD Rly Stn. By proper planning and fast bus services, people of Greater Noida / Noida will be benefitted.

While planning the Bus route and assigning contract, it should be ensured that

a) Not more than 5 standing passengers should be allowed.

b) No Bus to stop more than 1 Minute at any Bus stop.( Normally private bus operators stop Buses for indefinite period ,even at nonapproved stop, keep on waiting for passengers,take their own time and then move fast , when any other Bus comes from behind, prevent it from overtaking, leading to fatal accident. )

c) Buses should be of good condition and less than 10 year old.

d) Buses should operate at 5 minutes interval.

e) Not more than 1 conductor allowed. More no. of conductors misbehave with passengers and misbehave with ladies. If such buses are operated , Greater noida will be connected whole region.


K.L.Ahuja, Commandand (Retd)

(Note: This above matter has been e mailedby to DMRC for taking acion)



DMRC chief E Sreedharan said the primary cause of the delay in starting the Metro services was due to the shortage in new coaches.......More



Crack on Noida Metro Line Piers?


Trial runs on this Metro line, slated to open to the public by August-end, started only on Saturday. The piers were inspected by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation managing director E Sreedharan, who has ordered a detailed inspection of one of the cracks. The other, he observed, is superficial.

Sreedharan climbed the piers personally to check the cracks. The one on Pier 10 has reportedly been supported with metal struts and will be put through specialized ultrasonic testing. The trial runs on the 13.1-km long Noida line have only been started on the Yamuna Bank-New Ashok Nagar stretch for now and are expected to be extended to Noida City Centre Sector 32 after 10 days

DMRC managing director E Sreedharan, who inspected the piers, said: "Both the hairline cracks seem to be superficial and related to masonry, which doesn't have a bearing on the strength of the piers. But we are not willing to take any chances now. This is why a more detailed investigation has been ordered into one of the cracks."



Delhi Metro Set to enter Noida by August End...

The Delhi Metro railway started trial runs on the upcoming new Yamuna Bank-Noida corridor on Saturday with the first train running up to New Ashok Nagar metro station just short of Delhi’s border with Noida in Uttar Pradesh.

The trial run, which lasted about four hours, had the train running at a speed of 15 km per hour from Yamuna Bank to New Ashok Nagar on the Up line.

The trial runs will continue for about a month, during which the section will be tested for signalling, tracks, telecommunication, interfacing of train working with different systems and overhead electrical supply.

The interim stations on the section beyond Yamuna Bank are Akshardham, Mayur Vihar Phase I and Mayur Vihar Extension. The section is fully elevated.

“The frequency of trains and operations on Line III from Yamuna Bank to Dwarka Sector-9 will not be affected due to the trial runs. The Yamuna Bank-Noida corridor is scheduled to be opened to the public by the end of August. With the opening of this section, Line III will comprise a total of 42 stations and its length will increase to 47.2 km,” the spokesperson said. This will also become the longest operational section of the Delhi Metro railway. The journey time of the entire stretch would be around 90 minutes.

There are ten stations on the new 13.1-km section, of which four fall within Delhi while six fall in Noida. “This will be the first time that the Delhi Metro will be crossing the borders of Delhi and enter the boundaries of another State. The corridor will be a part of the existing Line III (Blue Line) of the metro system. It will connect Noida City Centre in Sector 32 with Dwarka Sector 9 metro station,” the spokesperson said.

Parking facilities have been provided at all stations up to New Ashok Nagar and in Noida at Botanical Garden and Noida City Centre metro stations.



Noida Sector 16 metro station being readied......

Aane Uske Aayegi begin operations from 15th August 2009. Cheers Noidates! Cheers! ....More.

Metro may have August ride to Noida....This Independence Day Delhi Metro may have a precious gift for people who commute regularly between the Capital and Noida. The much-awaited Metro line in Noida is likely to open  on August 15....More

Noida Metro Route is being readied..

Noida Metro work is in full swing for the route that extends the Delhi Metro line coming to New Ashok Nagar (Phase II) till the soon upcoming Noida City Center at Sector 32. The whole stretch will be on elevated line and trains would run at an interval of six minutes between stations, meaning the metro will travel above the road and will not need and road widening or demolition. Flip side will be that commuters have to climb up/down for the train. How good it will be for older people that we will have to wait and watch.

The proposal till this time is final for the first phase of Noida Metro, that will run overhead instead of underground all the way to the City Center. The next Phase is also in plan that may extend Noida Metro till Sector 62 or Indirapuram in Ghaziabad. Also plans are in place for extending it to Greater Noida.

The scheduled completion date for first phase is June 2009, just before the Commonwealth Games 2010 at New Delhi.

Last official statement from DMRC puts the Indraprastha-Noida line start date in October 2009.

"Indraprastha-Noida line will start in October 2009", says E Sreedharan

Three Metro lines will become operational by the end of this year. Said Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) managing director E Sreedharan: "About 40 more kms of Delhi Metro will be opened for use in the current year. The 18-km Inderlok-Mundka section will start in September, followed by Indraprastha-Noida (14 kms) in October and Yamuna Bank-Anand Vihar section (7 kms) in December.'' Phase II of Delhi Metro construction is comprised of six lines




DTC Metro Feeder for Noida

Route No MF-5
Shahdara Station to Noida Sector 37
Kanti Nagar, Jagatpuri, Karkardoma Xing, Hasanpur Depot, I.P. Ext. Noida Xing, Noida Sector-3, 19, 28,29,37

Route No 319
Shahdara Station to Noida Sector-32
Swaran Talkies, Kalyanpuri, Staff Qrs, Noida, Naya Baans

Route No 443
Shahdara Station to Badarpur Border
Jagat Puri, A- Block Mother Dairy, Hindon Regulator, Noida Sector-12, Sarita Vihar.


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