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    Hindon Kee Raftaar........

    (A brief write up on evolution of Greater Noida)


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    -As told to Gajanan Mali   Sunday 5th. November 2006


      In this fine evening, we r standing in front of Middle Pari  at Parichowk-facing towards river Hindon-a tributary of Yamuna. We salute the Hindon! My mind enters in to glorious past of this land, which has a root in Tretayug (Ramayan Kaal) as  Bisrakh the birthplace of Rawan s father, Viseswa Rishi, lies in this land. In Dwapar Yug (Mahabharat Kaal)- Dankore was the Dronacharya s Ashram, where Kaurav n Pandav took their training in Astra n Shastra. Eklavaya-the disciple of Dronacharya also hails from this place. 


    In medieval India , Kasna was known as Keshav Garh. The Gurjjar Community- their primary occupation was cattle raring-has always dominated this region. Bhati Rajput from Jaisalmer (Rajasthan) came here to rule this area. They got married their children to Gurjjar community. Children from these marriges r now known as Bhati -Gurjjar. Rulers from Nagore (Rajasthan) also came here to rule. They also got married their children to Gurjjar s. Children from these marriges r now known as Nagar s . Sati Nihal Dei belongs to this land, she used to visit Surajpur Lake for sacred bath.


    People from this land were actively associated with the National Freedom Struggle.  Prominent amongst them r Vijay Singh Pathik, Mihir Bhoj, Ram Chandra Vikal to name a few. Even Bhagat Singh, Sukh Dev n Rajguru used village  Nalgara - on Noida-Greater Noida Express way  to hide during the freedom struggle. They planned  bomb attack on assembly from Nalgara.


    Local folk songs-Ragni s, Rasia-the folk dance, folk song Aaala, r the special cultural/heritage  aspects of this area. Many famous Ragni Singers belongs to this land. Land further to river Hindon-a tributary of Yamuna- was arid, muddy n mostly infertile. No one thought even in a dream, the area could one day be fully developed at international standards. Now this dream has become true thanks to the visionary public representatives, bureaucrat s n intellectuals of this land.  


        On the bank of rain fed river Hindon-silently, flowing river-Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) was notified in 1991. Land from this area was acquired to develop the industrial township of inter-national standard-with pollution free n green environment.  Its main objective is to reduce the population pressure of NCT of Delhi. During the tenure of Brijesh Kumar, (IAS) Chairman n CEO, GNIDA s office was shifted from Noida to Greater Noida in the February 2001. This historic step gave a birth, to the City of Future-Greater Noida City. I mean to say a civilization was born in the lap of Hindon, with this I think that she has increased her Raftaar. She will continue to flow with the speed n on her bank -I am sure- a ultra modern civilization will flourish. His efforts has earned a name to Greater Noida  all over the world for its for urban planning and development. Shri Brijesh Kumar's tenure has   been full of achievements and focus was on   environment, basic services , cleanliness, landscaping n aesthetic. GNIDA adopted a proactive marketing strategy to sell the land to all the categories, to attract investors, to which countrymen, NRIs, Industrialists, educationist, n MNCs responded positively. As a part of the stratagem, big ads were inserted in national media-with bigger promises like 24-hour power n water. Which r yet to be fulfilled, GNIDA officers-r trying to rise to the expectations of people of Greater Noida. 

    International standard 18-hole golf course has been attracting golf lovers from world over. Parichowk, City Park, Theme parks-Water Park at Swarn nagari, Musical Park at KP campus, Cactus park at Beta, Japenese park at Beta, Children park at Gama- r some of the important tourist places frequented by the tourists .  LG, Honda, Yamaha, Asian Paints, Mosar Baer  etc national n international industrial brands r here. Knowledge Park the biggest institutional area in India is buzz with the academic activities. Reputed hospitals n educational institutions r already here in the City of Learning . . The Prime Minister of India inaugurated the state-of-art Indo-Expo Mart -for promotion of handicrafts.  Hindon will witness-Night Safari, International Airport, Gautam Budh Nagar University , Reliance Power Plant, Railway Station at Boraki, Monorail from Noida to Gr Noida, Stadium n other the projects-become a reality.  

    Shantonu Sen, who was conferred the Honor of First Resident of Greater Noida City-by the GNIDA-has been a motivating force behind establishment of social n cultural organizations.  Spiritual Healer n Social Worker- Ajay Jain- n his TV Network Date E Media,  have  made tremendous efforts,  to make the city life lively. India s biggest light n sound three hour Sampoorn Ram Leela was presented to the people of this land during  Dussera 2006, by Ram Leela Committee Greater  Noida (Regd.). Parichowk Dot Com-ultra modern platform-for sharing n caring came into being on Deepawali 2006, which I hope will speed up the evolution of ultra-modern civiliazation on the banks of Hindon. 

    We once again salute to Hindon n the setting Sun,  n walk towards our destinations with the hope in mind that tomorrow will be far-far better for Greater Noida. ......


    Their is some mistakes in this information which  hurt the feelings of the great warrior community of gurjar nagars and bhatis. As i send in my last mail we (nagars) had the honoured/TITLED of word "gurjar" more than 2000 years and bhatis had honoured/TITLED of word gurjar when they were setteled in SYAALKOT a place near SWAT VALLEY , in pakistan. They are branch of yaduvansh and belong to king SAALIVAHAN of syaalkot ruled arround 78 AD. he had three childrens named bhakt pooranmal , king rishalu gurjar and baalbandh , the king baalbandh had 8 childrens in which the elder brothers name was  "RAO BHATI" . The desendents of rao bhati and their brothers was use the surname "BHATI, BHATIA and BHAT".

    when the momdan king tamoor destroy the yadav /bhati places from Gajni to Syalkot , they came in Jaiselmer through hanumangarh and tarnot and second the second branch came in punjab in place "BHATINDA" and third one came in haryana in place "HISSAR" , place named from the name of king "HASSPAT SINGH BHATI".

    The kingh "Kaushal bhati" fight with kayasth kingh of "DHOOM-MANIKPUR" and conquer this region , the children of rawal kaushal bhati is residing in seven gurjar villages (ghanghola, ladpura, kulipra, niyana, salempur, sirssa, khanpur) and 6 raput villages (ghodi-bachera, dhoom, aamka, some houses in village sammadinpur) and two of 6 are muslim villages (till and madpa) . the all 13 villages are ansesters  of king rawal kaushal bhati.

    And according my conversation with Dr. Vighnesh Tyagi (HOD ) HISTORY DEPTT. , MEERUT COLLEGE MEERUT, the 6 villages of rajput hindu and muslim used their title as "rawal bhatti" and are gurjar from origin and they were seprated from gurjar community by some reasons.

    At last please change your falser information from your website else i am goes to some legal action for this.

    If u want to arrange any meeting for discussed this matter , i will highly obliged.

    yatender pal

    My contact no. 9310246881


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