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President Shri Sarvesh Aggarwal

Secretary Advocate Mukesh Sharma



The story of Rotary.

Rotary is, an association of the local clubs gathered into a large organization called Rotary International. Officially, Rotary is an organization of professional men ( Business men and professional’s ) united worldwide having a common motto and that is to provide humanitarian services, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations and help build goodwill and peace in the world.

       As per the rotary news on today rotary has a membership of 1243431-minded men and women belonging to 31257 clubs spread over 530 districts in 164 countries and 34 geographical locations.

       Club members meet weekly, in order to discuss the way to provide a better social service and help society achieve a good standard of living. Rotarians (Members of the club are called Rotarians), Strive to create order where there is chaos, beauty where there is ugliness, and fellowship where there is loneliness and misunderstanding and health and happiness where there is disease and poverty.

       Thus, Rotary cultivates understanding and cooperation be emphasizing common interests while avoiding commitment on partisan measures or activities on which ment are so often divided.

Objective of Rotary

The object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the “Ideal Of Service”  as a basis of worthy enterprises and in particular, to encourage and foster -:

1st The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service.

2nd High ethical standards in business and profession as an opportunity to serve the society.

3rd The application of the ideal of service in each Rotarian’s personal business and community life.

4th The advancement of international understanding, goodwill and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service.


History Of Rotary

The Rotary movement was born on the evening of 23rd February, 1905 when Paul Harris met with his three friends, Silvester Schiele, Gustovas Leohr and Hiram Shorrey. Out of their discussion came the idea of a men’s club whose membership will be limited to  one representative from each business and profession. Weekly meetings were to be held at each member’s business place in turn. The rotation of meetings was designed to acquaint the members with one another’s vocation and to promote business. Hence the name Rotary was adopted early on. By 1910 there were sixteen Rotary clubs which combined to form a united body, and finally the body was named Rotary International. Rotary became international when a club was organized in Winnipeg , Canada .


History of Rotary in India

R.J.Coombs, the manager of a steel products company in Calcutta , was on a business trip in the U.S.A. There he got interested in the Rotary movement and was impressed with its emphasis on “Friendship Fellowship and Service”. On his return, he organized the first Rotary Club in India , The Rotary Club of Calcutta. The first meeting was held on 20th September 1919 and was granted its charter on 1st January 1920 with 20 members. Then the idea of Rotary kept flourishing and many clubs came up.

The Rotary club of Lahore was chartered in 1927.

The Rotary club of Bombay was chartered in 1929.

The Rotary club of Delhi was chartered in 1929.


Rotary Club Of Green Greater Noida

Greater Noida is a new city with new opportunities making its place not only on map of India but international map also. Greater Noida is one of the best situated city of Uttar Pradesh, located in the vicinity of capital city New Delhi of India, having big and vast prospects for industries, Trading Institutes, Business and having more than 50 colleges of  Engineering, , Medical, Vocational studies and also having biggest golf club of Asia.

       The Rotary Club of Green greater Noida was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Dadri and got its charter on 29th December 2004 . The Charter was presented to the club by the Distt.Governer Rt.Ramesh Chandra on 22nd May 2005 . R.I.Dist. 3010 Club ID 67555.

Rotarian Bhag Singh Ji a charter member of Rotary Club of Dadri is a well known Internationally, residing at Greater Noida and had a desire to see the Rotary Club of Greater Noida. His son Rtn. M.P.Singh (Charter President Rotary Club Green Greater Noida 2005-2006) also had the same desire to see the Rotary Club of Green greater Noida.

       In the year 2004 Rtn. Ajit Pradhan (Currently President Rotary Club Green Greater Noida) a Past President of the Rotary Club of Bareilly Rotary district 3110 shifted his residence to Greater Noida also had the same desire to have the Rotary Club of Green greater Noida. For that he visited PGD’s of the Rotary district 3010 and finally came in contact with Rtn.Shiv Kumar President Rotary Club Dadri with whose help he was able to meet the then DG Ramesh Chandra and requested for a Rotary Club at Greater Noida

       Seeing the desire of so many people to form a new rotary club PDG Ramesh Chandra immediately ordered to form a new club of Greater Noida and with the help of other Rotary Clubs and GSR Rtn. Vinod Goel the Rotary Club Of Greater Noida came into being.

       The Club will never forget and wants to thank the efforts made by the PDG.Rtn. Ramesh Chandra, GSR Rtn. Vinod Goyal PP Rtn. Bhag Singh, PP Rtn.Shiv Kumar, PP Rtn. Ajeet Nigam Past President RC Ghazibad Heritage, Charter President M.P.Singh and Charter Member Rtn.Ajit Pradhan in formation of Rotary Club of Green Greater Noida.


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