Federation of RWAs in Greater Noida


A federation of Resident's Welfare Association Greater Noida has been formed by the Residents of Greater Noida on voluntary basis.

The Association has been Regd. with the Registration of Societies Meerut under Societies Act 1860, vide Regd. No. 756.

The federation comprises of persons of eminence who have held high offices of great responsitities and were part of nation building. They come from defense forces (Army, Air Force and Navy), Law (Retd. Distt. Judge, Govt. Advocates), CEO/GM of corporate world, officers of Joint Secretary level and serving officials of public sector under taking. The federation is purely a NGO type organization with the sole aim of social service to the residents of Greater Noida at large. 1) Federation will act as interface between the residents and Greater Noida Authority with a view to project aspirations and problems of the residents to Greater Noida Authority for solutions. 2) Federation will disseminate the instructions and policy decisions of Greater Noida Authority to residents for implementation and observance. 3) The federation will act in supplementary and complimentary role to Greater Noida Authority by undertaking civil actions.

The federation with tackle all issues of the residents by taking them up with Greater Noida Authority. Please feel free to communicate with the federation by contacting in General Secretary Mr. K. P. Singh (Tel No. 9268395394) in case the need arises. Please strengthen our hands by joining the federation to give us the advantage of your rich experience and expertise. Brigadier J. K. Datta President


No Electricity, No water

Poor law and order, Poor Connectivity to Delhi

             No traffic Rules, Gives us Feeling of SMALLEST NOIDA


                               GNIDA STAFF NOT PREPARED

              To talk or meet to the Residents Crying hoarse of these Issues


2. All residents Join Hands.

3. A federation of RWA Greater Noida created by environment
   residents of Greater Noida to tackle these issues (Federation Residents
  Welfare Association)


            Lend your support to this NGO (Federation of RWA), Greater Noida by
Joining and making Two Senior Members of Your Society
available for this Noble cause.


For Details: Contract
Mr K.P. Singh,
General Secretary (Mob…9868395394)