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    Even basic infrastructure lacks in site C industrial sector in Greater Noida

    Can you imagine life without basic amenities like water, electricity and sewerage in a residential colony? Come ask the people residing in the UPSIDC Site C, Greater Noida as for them to get such basic amenities are still a distant dream. The residents are spending sleepless nights in utter hellish condition for the past several years. Despite the utter pathetic conditions, the authorities concerned have turned a blind eye towards their grievances.

    In what could be called a sheer apathy of the development authorities over 1500 houses, the ones established on the prime locality of Greater Noida are devoid of the basic amenities like water, electricity and sewerage connections since inception, which has turned the life here virtually a hell.

    The UP State Industrial Development Corporation (UPSIDC) chalked out the plot way back in 2004. Being on the prime location and also in a city said to be among the dream lands of BSP Supremo Mayawati, plots magnetised many. But people never imagined that the same plots will become a reason of miseries for them.

    “Getting attracted with its prime location I invested all my earnings and my money I got after retirement, but now I realized that it was biggest mistake of my life that made my whole family suffer,” said CS Pundeer, a retired army officer and president of Resident Welfare Association (RWA) Site C, UPSIDC residential area.
    Pundeer said despite the spontaneous efforts the situation remains the same as none of the authorities bothered to pay any heed towards the grievances of the people. “For the past several years we are running from pillar to post to get the work done. We contacted all the authorities and even the District magistrate in this regards, but we get only assurance nothing else,” lamented Pundeer.

    Electricity and water connection, which is called the basic amenities for any residential colony, never exists here. The people are force to spend their nights under the paraffin lamps (petromax) and have installed the hand pumps to overcome the water chaos prevailing in the area.

    “We are forced to spend days and nights under the light of lamps as we don’t have any other option. For water we have to depend upon the hand pumps, even the sewerage lines also never exist here,” said Dinesh Kumar Tyagi, a retired police officer residing in the same vicinity.

    Its not that the area do not has the infrastructure required to start these basic facilities, the area has full fledged overhead water tank, having enough capacity to fed the whole area, it also have the electricity poles and wires but owing to the apathy of the officials concerned the services are yet to be provided.

    Coming down on the reason for this sheer mismanagement Tyagi said, it has became a blame game from department concerned due to which we are suffering. The power and water supply is the responsibility of the Noida Power Corporation Limited (NPCL) and UPSIDC (water supply) department respectively. On contacting Rajeev Goyal, Manager of NPCL, he said, “The UPSIDC has not allotted the land for the establishment of power station in the area. As soon as the land will be allotted, the electricity supply would be given to the area.”

    However, the officials of the UPSIDC (water supply) department said that they have erected a water tank but as soon as they get the electricity the water supply in the area would be started. Over the issue, E Santosh Kumar, Regional Manager UPSIDC said, the proposal for the land for the construction of the power substations in the area has been forwarded to the board. The land would be given after the nod of the top officials.



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